Fort Asterstein mit Festung im Hintergrund

Fort Astertstein & Festungspark

Kolonnenweg11, 56077 Koblenz-Asterstein

Started in 1817, the complex was largely completed around 1828 and, like the other parts of the fortress, was also used as barracks for the Prussian soldiers.

In the course of the following decades, further new buildings and reinforcements, some of them extensive, took place, such as Fort Rheinhell, built in 1867, and the Bienhornschanze. After the First World War, the Americans and French used the horseshoe-shaped redoubt as barracks until 1927. Afterwards, like almost all fortifications in Koblenz, it was defortified, but the core remained intact and was to be put to a new use as potential living space, which did not materialise due to the events of the war. During the reconstruction years, Fort Asterstein was used as emergency quarters until the 1960s. In 1996, citizens of Koblenz came together to form the Initiative Fort Asterstein e.V. association to save the site from further decay. Today, the Reduit, which is in good condition on the outside, is used for various events such as guided tours, concerts, theatre and youth trips under the direction of the AWO Kreisverband Koblenz-Stadt e.V.. Furthermore, there is the association Freunde und Förderer des Fort Asterstein e.V. (Friends and Supporters of Fort Asterstein). Translated with (free version)

Fort Asterstein mit Festung im Hintergrund
Luftbild Fort Asterstein
Fort Asterstein mit Festungspark
Fort Asterstein Innenhof

Fort Astertstein & Festungspark

From18.01.2022 until the 18.01.2024

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56077 Koblenz-Asterstein Kolonnenweg11
Fort Asterstein
56077 Koblenz-Asterstein

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