Gasthaus Rosenacker

Gasthaus Rosenacker

Im Rosenacker 8, 56338 Braubach

We offer you the ideal setting for your family celebration, your club outing, your company party and all other occasions

Bus service with our own large parking lot 50 seats in our comfortable lounge 40 additional seats in our beer garden menu selection adapted to the group

Gasthaus Rosenacker

From01.01.2023 until the 31.12.2032

Opening hours:
Monday: 16:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Friday: 16:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Saturday: 16:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Sunday: 11:30Clock to 20:00Clock

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56338 Braubach Im Rosenacker 8
Gathaus Rosenacker
Im Rosenacker 8
56338 Braubach

Phone: (0049)2627281

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