Katholische und evangelische Kirche Kaub

Katholische und evangelische Kirche

Schulstraße 27, 56349 Kaub

Protestant and Catholic Church

Catholic and Protestant Christians worship here in a building that dates back to the 12th century. After the introduction of the Reformation, only Reformed services were held in the Kauber parish church from 1560. With the founding of the Palatine Church Simultaneum in 1685, Catholics were also allowed to practice their religion again. For 20 years the town church was used simultaneously. In 1707, the late Gothic choir arch was walled up. From then on, the nave was used by Protestants, the former choir room - replaced by a late rococo building in 1769 - by Catholics as a place of worship.

The Protestant church is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Katholische und evangelische Kirche

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56349 Kaub Schulstraße 27
Evangelische Kirche Kaub
Schulstraße 27
56349 Kaub

Phone: (0049)6774 219
E-mail: pfarramt.kaub@t-online.de
Web: http://http:/www.rhein-lahn-evangelisch.de/dekanate/st._goarshausen/kaub-lorch.

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