Loreley Statue

Rheinstraße 46, 56346 St Goarshausen

The Loreley Statue

The Loreley statue is located on the top of the pier at St. Goarshausen.

The bronze statue was created by the Russian artist Natascha Alexandrova Princess Jusopov and handed over to St. Goarshausen in 1983.

From the Loreley Visitor Centre a stairway leads down to the Rhine. Once you reach the bottom, cross the B 42 and walk along the pier. Below the Loreley rock there is a car park from which the statue can be reached quickly.

Loreley Statue (Hafenmole)

56346 St Goarshausen Rheinstraße 46
Loreley Statue
Rheinstraße 46
56346 St Goarshausen

Web: http://www.loreley-info.com

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