Schloss Sinzig

Barbarossastraße 35, 53489 Sinzig

Sinzig Castle The Sinzig Castle of today, which is located in the town of the same name, is a complete new construction from the 1850s. However, this stands on the foundation walls of a mediaeval moated castle belonging to the margraves of Jülich. The Castle park was designed according to the plans of the master in horticulture Peter Joseph Lenné. At one time, the complex is said to have been haunted: according to the legend, a virgin is said to have appeared at the old moat and in the ruins several times. Among other things, she is said to have saved children from drowning. One of the castle’s eye-catchers is - haunting aside - its unusual layout design with the high prominent tower. The municipal museum is housed in the upper floor rooms, and the former tower room is used as a wedding chamber. In the Castle and the surrounding park, various events are held. Schloss Sinzig Barbarossastr. 35 53489 Sinzig Tel 02642 - 400142

Schloss Sinzig

53489 Sinzig Barbarossastraße 35
Schloss Sinzig
Barbarossastraße 35
53489 Sinzig

Phone: (0049) 2642 980502

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