Maria Ruh

Saturday, 03.09.2022

Simply Unplugged

Loreleystr. 20, 55430 Urbar

Simply unplugged...diesmal Open air

One reason is that the ZAP will be renovated in the summer of 2022 and we will therefore not be able to start our season until November. The other reason is that the open-air stage at Maria Ruh is simply a divine location. And the main reason is that we always wanted to do something like that. And so Peter, Horst and Eddie will play their songs next summer directly opposite the famous rock and afterwards they can justifiably claim that they almost played on the Loreley once. Translated with (free version)

Simply Unplugged

55430 Urbar Loreleystr. 20
Rstaurant Maria Ruh
Loreleystr. 20
55430 Urbar

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