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Thursday, 15.08.2024

Sonderführung in der Liebfrauenkirche 2024

Kirchstr. 1, 55430 Oberwesel

Thu, 15.08.2024 11.00 a.m. Assumption of Mary “An earthly heaven” - Saint Mary in the Middle Ages in the Liebfrauenkirche in Oberwesel Mary as a symbol of the redeemed human being For Catholic Christians, Mary's Assumption means that immediately after her earthly life, Mary attained the state that other people only reach after the resurrection on the Last Day. 45 min.

The Liebfrauenkirche Oberwesel is the pearl of the Gothic churches on the Middle Rhine. Coming from the south, it sits enthroned in front of the town of towers and wine. It is the pride and joy of the municipality of Oberwesel.

Just how important faith was to people in the 13th century is shown by the evidence of faith: Liebfrauenkirche, St. Martin's Church, Mother Rosa Chapel (Werner Chapel) and many other religious institutions were at home within the town's walls. The red walls of the Liebfrauenkirche are striking and fascinating. It houses a multitude of treasures and works of art from the past that are unique in the Rhineland.

The golden altar, the rood screen, the nave and the 72-metre-high church tower make the Liebfrauenkirche stand out, as does the Eberhard/Klais organ (1745) with more than 3,565 pipes and 54 stops. The town of Oberwesel must have already made a great impression on visitors in the Middle Ages. It was surrounded on all sides by high walls and towers. The Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) stood like a mighty bar from the mountainside to the Rhine.

What motivated people in this century to build such a church? How did the people on the Rhine live and pray? In the guided tours we offer, we want to give you a little insight into the sacred architecture and art of the church and the testimony of the faith of Christians in earlier centuries.

Look forward to the guided tour. You are invited to explore the church. We look forward to your visit.

Meeting point: north entrance fountain in the vicarage garden

Further guided tours or group tours by arrangement!

Individual visitors can usually take part in an open tour. However, if there are more than 5 people, please register in good time by telephone or email: Oberwesel parish, parish office Office hours: Tuesday to Friday 09.00-12.00, telephone: 0 67 44/9 40 77, Email:

Registration forms for additional group tours can be ordered there (max. 25 people per tour).

Attention: Due to unforeseeable special services, such as funerals or other events, the regular guided tour may be postponed at short notice. We therefore recommend checking the times on the Internet at

Duration of the tour: approx. 45 minutes

The guides wear a name badge. Individual fee: €5.00 per person

The fee is donated to the preservation of the Liebfrauenkirche.

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Sonderführung in der Liebfrauenkirche 2024

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