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Barrier-free through the Rhine Valley.

Quality Criteria

Quality criteria need to be meaningful for the guest and facilitate informed decision-making. The specific requirements of each guest are as individual and diverse as the facilities and services of each host.

To enable guests to find the right travel package to suit their individual needs, the state of Rheinland-Pfalz has developed a two-tier criteria system for certifying barrier-free tourism facilities.

Level 1

Level 1 facilities are suitable for guests with minor disabilities, so that here there is no differentiation between types of disability.

For example, all entrances and passageways in the facility must be at least 70 cm wide and there can be a maximum of one step. At Level 1 the focus is on service and information. Detailed information on a facility’s barrier-free features is collected by an independent inspector and published on this site. In addition, the individual facilities have taken part in a training course on barrier-free tourism and have committed to abide by a voluntary code of conduct for barrier-free tourism.

Level 2

Level 2 is based upon Level 1 but the focus is more on barrier-free building characteristics. Level 2 currently distinguishes between the requirements of guests with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, blind and partially sighted people, deaf and hearing-impaired people and people with allergies and food intolerances. The criteria for the different levels are based - amongst other things - on the agreed targets for barrier-free services in the hospitality sector. Level 2 also includes criteria for improved service quality.


G=People with walking disabilities

R=Wheelchair users

S=people with visual impairment

B=Blind people

H=Deaf people

Independent Data Collection

Detailed information about a facility’s barrier-free features is collected by an independent inspector and published on this site. In this way, guests are provided with reliable information which they can trust. Guests have a wide variety of different requirements and needs regarding the barrier-free characteristics of buildings. Each guest can draw on the comprehensive information provided to help him/her decide whether a facility is suitable or not.

Barrier-free through the Rhine Valley:

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