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Sayn Abbey is a former Premonstratensian monastery in Bendorf-Sayn. It was founded in 1200 by Sayner Count Heinrich II and was populated by Premonstratensian Choir gentlemen from the Steinfeld monastery.

Quietly located on the Brexbach, the old Sayn Abbey looks like a monastery. Built around 1200, it was founded by the Premonstratensians of the Steinfeld monastery in the Eifel. The gift of an arm reliquary by the Apostle Simon brought the abbey meaning shortly after its creation. The decline began in the 16th century and began to change in the late 17th century. The baroque period brought an economic and religious boom again at the beginning of the 18th century. Secularization ended active monastic life. The monastic life was dissolved, but the church remained the parish church of Sayn. Today, after extensive restoration work, the complex shows itself again as a colorful example of monastic culture with a cloister and one of the most important fountain houses in Germany - not to forget the famous Stumm organ from the famous family of organ builders.

Abtei Sayn
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Abtei Sayn

From31.03.2021 until the 31.03.2031

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56170 Bendorf-Sayn
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56170 Bendorf-Sayn

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