Tasty regional stew | © Dominik Ketz / Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Regional Specialities

Delicious Local Produce

A feast for all senses!

Where the best wines grow, it’s always tempting to try the local culinary delights as well.

Rhenish cuisine has always been heavily influenced by the river’s colourful history. The Rhine was always an important trade route and so spices from far away places have been part of the local repertoire since early times.

The French period brought a host of new ideas and refinements to the cooking pots of the Rhine. Nowadays, the Rhine’s culinary diversity ranges from traditional classics such as “Dippekuchen” and  “Rheinischer Sauerbraten” to sophisticated New German Cuisine, which draws much of its inspiration from regional dishes. There’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Culinary initiatives such as “Mittelrhein Momente” and “Welterbe-Gastgeber” provide special packages and events with fine wines, excellent cuisine and cultural entertainment.

Loredry Mittelrhein Gin | © Kevin Kalfels


Mittelrheintal Gin

Middle Rhine Cherry Products | © Zweckverband Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

Middle Rhine Cherries

Cherry specialities from the ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ World Heritage site

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