View of Sooneck castle | © Stephan Mahlow

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A unique density of castles that can only be found on the Romantic Rhine


Here on the Romantic Rhine you’ll find a castle landscape of unique density and variety. Between Bingen and Rüdesheim in the south and the Siebengebirge hills in the north, more than 60 medieval castles, stylish baroque palaces and impressive fortresses combine to create a cultural landscape that is truly one of its kind. On foot, by bike or by riverboat, whatever your mode of transport: in the hills, villages and side valleys of the Rhine there are more than 60 castles, palaces and ruins just waiting to be discovered. These magnificent historical showpieces and weather-beaten monuments are often linked by hiking trails. And no matter whether they are in ruins or have been restored: many of the historic buildings are shrouded in mystery and legend, which is often based on true events ... simply magical!

Burg Stahleck | © Torsten Krüger

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