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Welcome to the Romantic Rhine!

The Region between Rolandsbogen and Mäuseturm

Why wander far afield when the good things are so close at hand?

The eminent 18th century German writer and naturalist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew all about the beauty of the Rhine Valley and travelled throughout its unique cultural landscape. The Rhine was one of Germany’s first tourist destinations. Today it offers an enormous variety of cultural attractions, leisure pursuits and recreational activities.

Even under the current exceptional circumstances, a holiday on the Romantic Rhine is still worthwhile: Hike along the Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg trails, cycle along the Rhine Cycle Route or relax and watch the world go by on one of the riverboats. There are more than 60 castles, fortresses and palaces just waiting to be discovered. And you can round off your day with a glass of Riesling and a view of the Rhine...

Barrel Hotel by Hotel Anker, Kamp-Bornhofen | © Marcus Heilscher Foto Design

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