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Places to Visit & Tourist Attractions

Cover "ADAC Leisure Map" | © Henry Tornow / Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

ADAC Leisure Map Romantic Rhine

Leisure map with a selection of tourist attractions and a variety of events on the Romantic Rhine.

Cover "The Masterpieces between the Rhine and the Moselle" | © Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

The Masterpieces between the Rhine and the Moselle

Come and discover 15 exceptional places! Set off on an inspiring journey to monuments that bear witness to 2000 years of civilisation, all located within one of Germany's oldest cultural landscapes.


Hiking Map Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg | © Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Hiking map Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg

Overview map showing trail routes & individual sections of the Rheinsteig, the RheinBurgenWeg and the Premium Circular Trails.

Cover "Premium-Rundwege im Rheintal" | © Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Premium Circular Trails in the Rhine valley

The 32 Premium Circular Trails along the Romantic Rhine offer ultimate hiking enjoyment. Whether you’re planning a half-day or whole-day trip, a physically challenging or relaxed leisure hike – with trails ranging in length from 5km to 20km, everyone can create their own ideal itinerary.


Cover "Rhine Cycle Route" | © European Cycling Federation

Rhine Cycle Route

Overview map of the EuroVelo 15 - Rhine Cycle Route, which accompanies the Rhine from its source in the Swiss Alps to its mouth in the North Sea.

Hosts & Holiday Packages

Accommodation Directory "Sleep well"

Accommodation Directory "Schöner Schlafen - Sleep Well 2020/21" D/EN

Directory with a selection of hotels, holiday apartments and guest houses on the Romantic Rhine.

Cover "Host list and hiking offers 2021" | © Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Host list and hiking offers 2021

Directory of all accommodation along the Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg hiking trails that has been certified with the "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" quality seal. Also includes travel offers from tourist organizations, tour operators and accommodation providers.

Wine & Cuisine

For the Love of Riesling | © Mittelrhein Riesling Charta

Mittelrhein Riesling Charta

For the Love of Riesling

UNESCO World Heritage

Limes - From Rheinbrohl, via Pohl to Saalburg

This flyer depicts and describes the route of the Roman frontier from Rheinbrohl in Rhineland-Pfalz to the Saalburg in Hessen.

Cover "World Heritage Garden Route" | © Zweckverband Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

World Heritage Garden Route

Horticultural highlights in the Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site: a total of 31 stunning gardens in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley invite visitors to while away some relaxing hours.

Cover "World Heritage Hosts" | © Zweckverband Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

World Heritage Hosts

Selected highly qualified hotels and restaurants.

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