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Ahsenmacher Fleischmanufaktur & Catering

Fleischmanufaktur / Catering, 56626 Andernach

We make shopping easier for you! In order to minimize the waiting times in our butchery, you are still welcome to pre-order from us online or by phone. Just click here and send us your order, which can then be conveniently picked up at our sales window in Kramgasse or in our branch in Schillerring. We are happy to take orders by phone on 02632 43530 or 02632 4996660. We look forward to your order and thank you for your trust.


Butchery and catering - a perfect symbiosis! Whether for your business event or your private celebration, our team will ensure a perfect catering experience. We cook with a love of detail and always use the best, seasonal ingredients, which we source as sustainably as possible directly from our region. In our two butcher's shops, we also provide you with the best homemade, regional and international meat and sausage delicacies. national meat and sausage delicacies and daily lunch menus, which can also be ordered in advance. In future, you will find the current offers of the hot counter under the menu "Fleischmanufaktur", specials/weekly menu.


For 150 years now, the name Ahsenmacher in Andernach has stood for high-quality meat and sausage products. Produced in the tradition of craftsmanship and of the highest quality. This is what our customers trust in and this is the standard we set ourselves anew every day - with passion for our craft!

Burger Berlin | © Ahsenmacher Fleischmanufaktur & Catering GmbH
Ahsenmacher Fleischmanufaktur & Catering | © Ahsenmacher GmbH

Ahsenmacher Fleischmanufaktur & Catering

From23.10.2020 until the 01.01.2025

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56626 Andernach Fleischmanufaktur / Catering
Ahsenmacher GmbH & Co. KG
Fleischmanufaktur / Catering
56626 Andernach

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Web: http://www.ahsenmacher.de

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