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11:00 - 00:00

Alte Brauerei im Kasbachtal

St. Severinsberg 1, 53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg

Marvel, discover & enjoy in the "Old Brewery in the Kasbachtal"

he old brewery in the Kasbachtal - excursion destination for guests from near and far.

Go on a journey through time of memories when visiting our historic grocery store and enjoy our unique ambience. Whether a rustic wine cellar, atmospheric lounge, cozy brewery tavern, idyllic beer garden or nostalgic Christmas market - with us you will find the right place to linger, be amazed, enjoy and celebrate with your family, friends and colleagues, in a small circle and in large company with sleepover. Like no other, Roman Runkel combines many years of experience as a restaurateur with his passion for preserving the nostalgic. He and his team will be happy to surprise you with the wide range of options for upscale dining experience in the Kasbachtal.

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Alte Brauerei im Kasbachtal

From07.10.2019 until the 31.12.2030

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 11:00Clock to 00:00Clock
Thursday: 11:00Clock to 00:00Clock
Friday: 11:00Clock to 00:00Clock
Saturday: 11:00Clock to 00:00Clock
Sunday: 11:00Clock to 00:00Clock

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53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg St. Severinsberg 1
Alte Brauerei im Kasbachtal
St. Severinsberg 1
53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg

Phone: (0049) 2644 980780

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