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Am Apollinarisberg, 53424 Remagen

The Apollinaris Church on a hill above Remagen is surrounded by monastery buildings and a beautiful garden with a wonderful view of the Rhine.

The Apollinaris Church was built from 1839 to 1857 on the site of the medieval St. Martin's Church according to a design by the Cologne cathedral architect Ernst-Friedrich Zwirner, commissioned by Count Franz Egon von Fürstenberg-Stammheim. The foundation stone was laid on 22 July 1839, and the church was consecrated on 24 March 1857. The frescoes inside the neo-Gothic church were painted by members of the "Nazarene" group of artists. Three picture cycles show the life of Jesus, the life of Mary and the deeds of St. Apollinaris as Bishop of Ravenna. In the crypt is the silver reliquary bust of St Apollinaris, which is raised from the sarcophagus every year during the pilgrimage season at the end of July. From the statue of St. Francis above the church, you can enjoy a magnificent view over Remagen and the Middle Rhine Valley.

Apollinariskirche | © Dan Hummel, Stadt Remagen
Blick auf die Apollinariskirche | © Dan Hummel, Stadt Remagen


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53424 Remagen Am Apollinarisberg
Am Apollinarisberg
53424 Remagen

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