Ausgrabungsstätte „Villa Rustica“

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In the Bingen Forest there is the excavation site of a Roman estate, Villa Rustica, dating back to 150 AD.

The foundations of the representative residential building were excavated, uncovered and covered over together with the bath complex in the years 1999 to 2003. The ten outbuildings can be perceived today only as a mound of rubble in the forest. The manor house was inhabited until about 420 AD. More than 300 villas and farms are known to date on the Middle Rhine. The owners of such estates were wealthy locals, Romanized Celts, who supplied the region's military with their agricultural products. The stone-built houses showed an architectural style that combined Mediterranean and native elements. Bingen and the Bingen Forest were part of the Roman province of Upper Germania. The villa was conveniently located on a strand of the main Roman road through the Hunsrück, which connected Mainz with Trier via Bingen. The excavation site of the Villa Rustica forms one of the more than 40 stations of the Bingen Forest Adventure Trail. Finds, text panels and pictures inform about the results of the excavation work. A kitchen garden illustrates Roman garden culture. In addition, children's games from Roman times are recreated and explained with information boards. Remains of the Roman road are preserved a few hundred meters south of the excavation site. The starting point of the adventure trail is the parking lot at Bodmannstein, which can be approached from Waldalgesheim, or the forester's lodge Heiligkreuz, which can be approached from Bingebrück.

Ausgrabungsstätte „Villa Rustica“

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