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The monument of Niederlahnstein, the Baareschesser!

The story of Heinze and Baare

The “Baareschesser” figure symbolizes the nickname of the residents of Niederlahnstein: “Baare”.  Even in the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of the right bank of the Lahn made great sacrifices in order to keep their well-water clean. 

In the absence of fresh spring water, they had to use the groundwater and thus did without cesspits.  To keep the groundwater clean they used the “Baare” (“hand barrow”) as a toilet.  In this way, the so-called “Baareschesser” – literally “barrow shitters” – were already making an active contribution towards environmental protection hundreds of years ago.

The residents of the former town of Oberlahnstein, on the other hand, were known as “Heinze”.  The “Heinz” was the community’s breeding bull and his shed, the so-called “Heinzebungert”, was situated at the Sal Tower.  Between here and the river Lahn, where today’s harbour lies, was a large meadow.  The town put this so-called “Heinze Meadow” at the disposal of the local farmer who looked after the “Heinz”.  The farmers of the former town of Niederlahnstein were also obliged to take their cows to this bull.  This gave rise to the saying “We’re going to the Heinze” – and that’s how the people of Oberlahnstein acquired their nickname.

Baareschesser | © Stadt Lahnstein
Baareschesser 2 | © Stadt Lahnstein
Baareschesser 3 | © Stadt Lahnstein


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