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Bahnlinie - Kasbachtalbahn

Rheinhöller 3, 53545 Linz a. Rhein

In the red rail bus through the Kasbach valley

In the red rail bus through the Kasbachtal - the steep railway experience from Linz am Rhein to Kalenborn!

Take the Kasbachtalbahn for hiking, walking and running up to Vettelschoss-Kalenborn. Where the Siebengebirge and the Westerwald meet south of Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine, you will find the Kasbachtal with its unspoilt forests on steep slopes and craggy basalt quarries. A historic rail bus from the 1950s commutes hourly from Linz am Rhein train station (platform 3) through the Kasbach valley to Kalenborn.

In between, the railcar stops at Kasbach train station and on the main platform of the Steffens brewery bar, which attracts visitors with its rustic restaurant and idyllic beer garden. Get in and go on a nostalgic journey with the "Roten Brummer"!

A visit with a little time allows a hike from Kalenborn to the brewery and / or from the brewery to Linz. The romantic hiking trail runs from Kalenborn train station in the immediate vicinity of the railway line along the babbling Kasbach. This official Rheinsteig feeder route through the idyllic Kasbachtal is signposted with a yellow "R". But the well-developed hiking trails around Kalenborn also invite you to hike, walk and run. Enjoy the landscape back into the valley on foot, by bike or in the rail bus.

A special birthday, a family celebration, a club trip or a company party - plan something special and charter our rail bus. The rail bus runs according to your wishes - just for you and your guests - and turns your excursion or celebration into an unforgettable experience.

Are you looking for an original gift? How about a voucher for a trip on the Kasbachtalbahn? This is guaranteed to appeal to both young and old railroad fans. More information at

Bahnlinie - Kasbachtalbahn

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