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Bopparder Weinkontor

Heerstr. 197, 56154 Boppard

Here you will find the best wines of the Middle Rhine and much more.

Whether you are looking for a special wine, liqueur or aperitif, want to taste fine delicacies or are interested in the diverse decoration and art objects, here you will find it. We have very special mirrors, lamps, pictures, sculptures, small furniture and jewelry in the program, only boredom and the everyday you will look for us in vain.
Parking is available right in front of the tower.
Welcome to the Boppard Weinkontor!

Wine, living and enjoyment ...
in the historic tower in Boppard on the beautiful middle Rhine.

There is always something new to discover in our shop. Nice things that are not so easy to find or a new, exquisite wine from the region.
May it rather be a fruity liqueur? Or delicatessen of a special kind?
You do not have to decide immediately, take your time browsing. It is worthwhile to take a look!

Maybe you are looking for a very special holiday destination? Even then you are right with us. Enjoy the exclusive ambience in the historic tower and the lovingly furnished apartments!

We also recommend for unforgettable wine tasting in a unique atmosphere in our boiler room.

Bopparder Weinkontor

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56154 Boppard Heerstr. 197
Bopparder Weinkontor im Historischen Turm
Heerstr. 197
56154 Boppard

Phone: (0049) 6742 801804
E-mail: leue@bopparder-weinkontor.de
Web: http://www.bopparder-weinkontor.de

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