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burg & bike

Adolfstraße 65, 56112 Lahnstein

Specialist for bike rental and cycling trips on the Rhine.

Your specialist for bike rental and cycling trips on the Rhine.

Bikes can be collected in Lahnstein. They also can be delivered to your place for an additional charge.

Opening hours on sundays and holidays: on request

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burg & bike

From06.04.2022 until the 06.04.2032

Opening hours:
Monday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Monday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock
Tuesday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Tuesday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock
Wednesday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Wednesday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock
Thursday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Thursday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock
Friday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Friday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock
Saturday: 09:30Clock to 13:00Clock
Saturday: 16:00Clock to 19:00Clock

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burg & bike
Adolfstraße 65
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: +49 0261-40838
E-mail: info@burg-bike.de

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