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Church St. Barbara

Pfarrgasse 6, 56112 Lahnstein

St.-Barbara Church in Niederlahnstein since 1358.

There had been a Barbara chapel in Niederlahnstein since 1358.

Like the second Barbara Chapel from 1712 and the neo-Gothic Barbara Church built in 1889 and demolished in 1938, it stood on the church square near the Lahn Bridge. On St. Barbara's Day 1937, the groundbreaking ceremony for the present St. Barbara's Church took place, while at the same time the demolition of the old church took place, from which much material was used for the new church building. The cornerstone of St. Barbara's Church was laid on January 23, 1938, and on December 18, Bishop Antonius Hilfreich consecrated the church. After two bob hits in December 1944 and January 1945, the church was largely destroyed. The reconstruction dragged on for years with great difficulties. On the fourth Sunday of Lent in 1948, services could be celebrated for the first time in the restored crypt.

The final reconstruction, however, did not take place until 1949/50, and further alterations were made in the fifties and sixties. Today, the sacrament house stands in the apex of the choir rounding against the background of a group of four reddish-brown marble pillars connected by a bronze relief band. The altar and the ambo, as the place of the Annunciation, were moved forward during the last chancel design and thus have closer ties to the faithful as the focal point of the divine action.

The facade of the church is enriched by the fact that the double portal has a bronze covering on which themes of salvation history are depicted in reliefs.

Church St. Barbara

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