Erlebnisspielplatz | © M. Kapp

09:00 - 20:00

Erlebnis- und Abenteuerspielplatz

56291 Wiebelsheim

Beautifully landscaped playground with lots of playground equipment.

Very spacious area with various areas. Partly traditional playground equipment (carousel, slide, climbing tower, nest swing, swing, ropeway), partly also for older children (skater track, beach volleyball, small soccer field, basketball hoop). Also a bail pump serving a small stream and a small pond. There are several tables and benches also covered, and plenty of lawn for the picnic blanket. Suitable for children aged 1-16 years.

Erlebnisspielplatz | © M. Kapp
Erlebnisspielplatz 2 | © M. Kapp
Erbenisspielplatz 3 | © M. Kapp

Erlebnis- und Abenteuerspielplatz

From02.05.2022 until the 17.06.2032

Opening hours:
Monday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Tuesday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Wednesday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Thursday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Friday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Saturday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Sunday: 09:00Clock to 20:00Clock

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56291 Wiebelsheim
56291 Wiebelsheim

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