Ev. Kirche Niederlahnstein 4

Ev. Christuskirche Niederlahnstein

Allerheiligenbergstr. 2, 56112 Lahnstein

When you first enter the Christuskirche, which was built in 1962, only a few people see it immediately. It has none of the grandeur of Gothic cathedrals, but also none of the cozy security of old village churches. It certainly lacks the colorful splendor of baroque sacred buildings. In its concentration on the elemental, the Christuskirche seems almost provocative. Only the organ from the renowned workshop Förster & Nicolaus and the modern altar cross by Caroline Schwarz adorn the church.

Ev Christuskirche NL

Ev. Kirche Niederlahnstein 4
Ev. Kirche Niederlahnstein 2
Ev. Kirche Niederlahnstein

Ev. Christuskirche Niederlahnstein

56112 Lahnstein Allerheiligenbergstr. 2
Ev. Kirchengemeinde Niederlahnstein, Pfarrbüro
Allerheiligenbergstr. 2
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: (0049)2621-7402
Web: http://www.niederlahnstein-evangelisch.ekhn.de

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