Märchenwald Eingang

Fairytale Forest Bad Breisig

Am Kesselberg 1, 53498 Bad Breisig

Welcome to the fairytale forest Bad Breisig.
Treat yourself to a fairytale day in nature and admire the beauty of the Middle Rhine.
In our fairytale forest you will find a selection of the most beautiful Grimm fairytales.

In our fairy tale forest you will find a selection of the most beautiful Grimm's fairy tales. Our artist Willi Zeh has literally "painterly" staged the fairy tales for you from old originals. The moving and talking figures are handmade. At the push of a button, the figures narrate a scene from the fairy tale and no less than Konrad Beikircher has lent them his voice here.
Admission: adults € 5.00, children € 4.00; groups of 15 or more € 3.00.
Only cash payment possible.

Märchenwald Eingang
Aussicht vom Märchenwald

Fairytale Forest Bad Breisig

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53498 Bad Breisig Am Kesselberg 1
Märchenwald Bad Breisig
Am Kesselberg 1
53498 Bad Breisig

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