Ferienwohnung Collato

Kronengasse 6, 56154 Boppard

About Family Collato

The family Collato is a former entrepreneurial family who now enjoys welcoming guests from around the world to stay at one of their lovingly furnished holiday apartments in the historic center of Boppard. Liliana Collato takes care of the holiday apartments with great attention to detail and great warmth and makes her guests quickly feel at home. She also provides valuable insider tips for Boppard and the surrounding area.

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Ferienwohnung Collato

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56154 Boppard Kronengasse 6
Ferienwohnung Collato
Kronengasse 6
56154 Boppard

Phone: (0049) 6742 5381
E-mail: info@fewoboppard.de

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