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Feste Kaiser Franz & Fortress Park

Feste Kaiser Franz e.V., 56070 Koblenz-Lützel

In 1818, the work was named "Feste Kaiser Franz" in honour of the Austrian Emperor Franz I. Completed in 1822, it, together with other advanced works, secured the city of Koblenz from attack from the left bank of the Moselle.

The fortification system, which was modern at the time, gradually lost its importance after 1850 and was completely abandoned in 1890. In 1920/21, Feste Kaiser Franz was defortified in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles. Large parts of the complex were lost in the process. After the Second World War, Feste Kaiser Franz was one of many slum quarters that was closed down shortly before the destruction of the core plant in 1959. Since 1997, the site has been managed by the Feste Kaiser Franz e.V. association. One of the special features of Feste Franz is the last original fortress baking oven still in existence at the Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein fortresses.

Feste Kaiser Franz & Fortress Park

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56070 Koblenz-Lützel Feste Kaiser Franz e.V.
Feste Kaiser Franz
Feste Kaiser Franz e.V.
56070 Koblenz-Lützel

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