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Fort Konstantin

The fort, built in 1822-1827, was named after the brother of the Russian tsar Alexander I, Konstantin Pavlovich. The largely preserved fort stands on the site of a medieval monastery, first the Benedictine monastery, later the Carthusian monastery, which gave the district its name. The task of fortification was to secure the territory of the city and to observe the much larger fortress of Emperor Alexander, which has now disappeared. With the advent of new weapon systems, the fort was rebuilt and strengthened several times. In 1920-21 the fort was completely dismantled on the basis of applications from the town for its preservation, but had to be rendered unusable for military purposes. To house an air-raid control centre, the right casemate wing was bunkered during the Second World War. Today it houses the exhibition "Koblenz in the Second World War". From the 1990s onwards, all parts of the fortress were extensively renovated, so that the terraced complex is now successfully used as a venue for concerts, theatres and festivals.

Fort Konstantin Kehlturm
Fort Konstantin

Fort Konstantin

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Fort Grossfürst Konstantin
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