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Historic town centre of Rhens

Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15, 56321 Rhens

In the historic center of Rhens there is a lot to discover from the old times.

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During the Middle Ages, great history was written in Rhens. The city wall with the five gates is still preserved in large parts today. The visitors can expect a multitude of half-timbered houses, which impress with their colors, carvings with tendrils, ground doors and inscriptions. Let us take you on a journey back in time. A free flyer for a city tour is available at the Tourist Information in Rhens.

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Historic town centre of Rhens

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56321 Rhens Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
Stadt Rhens
Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
56321 Rhens

Phone: +49 2628 1400
E-mail: stadt@rhens.de
Web: http://www.rhens.de

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