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Hochstraße / St. Nikolaus Stifthospital, 56626 Andernach

The Hospitalkirche is the Catholic church of the St. Nikolaus-Stiftsospital and the former church of the Annuntiatenkloster. The late baroque complex, which was built between 1737 and 1739, impresses with a Bohemian vaulted cap. The extensive coloring shows i.a. the foundation of the Order of the Annunciates by Johanna von Valois.

The Hospital Church is the Catholic church of the St. Nicholas Collegiate Hospital and the former church of the Annuntiaten Monastery. The late baroque building, which was built from 1737 to 1739, impresses with a Bohemian cap vault. The extensive painting depicts, among other things, the foundation of the Order of the Annuntiates by Joan of Valois. The church is one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 1841, the St. Nikolaus-Stiftshospital Andernach Foundation took over the historic building and has been caring for its cultural heritage ever since.

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Hospitalkirche innen
Hospitalkirche außen


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56626 Andernach Hochstraße / St. Nikolaus Stifthospital
Hochstraße / St. Nikolaus Stifthospital
56626 Andernach

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