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Joseph's Gate Rhens

Am Viehtor 2, 56321 Rhens

The Josefstor, seen from the Rhine Gate, is somewhat smaller than the Rhine Gate and never carried a gate tower.

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It was a simple wall gate, which was even walled up in the 30 year war for security reasons, as this passage was not absolutely necessary. The area behind the Josefstor was barely built at this time.
Only in the 18th century did the gate receive its gatehouse, which today is a figure of Sts. Josef adorns - also an ingredient of the 18th century, because previously the gate was simply called "Untere Rheinpforte". Another name that has long been forgotten for this gate is the name "Pützgassertor", which was still in use at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Joseph's Gate Rhens

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56321 Rhens Am Viehtor 2
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