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Köln-Düsseldorfer Schiffsanleger Koblenz Steiger 4 & 5

Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer, 56068 Koblenz

Koblenz is the only city which lies on both Rhine and Moselle and it is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

The German Corner with its monument of the emperor, the Elector's Palace. the mile-long river promenade, Stolzenfels Castle, the embodiment of Rhine romanticism, and towering above them all: Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. The spectacular cable car across the Rhine, the wine village, the Forum Confluentes ... and so much more. Koblenz is not only one of the oldest cities in Germany, but also one of the most many-sided with regard to its tourist attractions. 

Information concerning the landing-stage

  • The KD landing-stage in Koblenz is accessible to passengers with restricted mobility.
  • Passengers are requested to be at the landing-stage 15 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. 
  • Passengers who have not purchased their ticket at the KD ticket office in Koblenz are requested to report at the ticket office.
  • Payment options: cash, Maestro, credit card (Eurocard, Mastercard).

Köln-Düsseldorfer Schiffsanleger Koblenz Steiger 4 & 5

From04.01.2023 until the 04.01.2029

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56068 Koblenz Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer
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