Weingewölbe Grünewald | © Isabella Heider

Kuhkapelle im Weingut Bernhard Grünewald

Burgstraße 87, 55411 Bingen-Büdesheim

Kuhkapelle im Weingut Bernhard Grünewald

The cross vault cellar of the Bernhard Grünewald family is used as a rustic tavern in the winter months from november to february.

General information about Rheinhessen cow chapels

The origin of the typical Rheinhessen vaults goes back to the early 19th century. At that time, farmers wanted to increase the yield of their cattle by keeping them in stables and use the leftovers as fertiliser for their fields. Initially, the cattle were housed on the ground floor of the half-timbered houses, above which hay and straw were stored. However, this method often led to fires, which the farmers wanted to avoid at all costs. In addition, the wooden beams of the houses rotted particularly quickly due to heat and evaporation and diseases found a breeding ground. In the course of secularisation, during which, among other things, church properties were nationalised, farm animals moved into cross-vaulted cellars for the first time. Light brick was easy to work with and did not rot, and it was also fireproof and more hygienic. Another reason for this construction method is the well-tried statics, which made it possible to roof even larger rooms without collapsing, thus creating space for more livestock. Since this construction method was previously only known from churches and monasteries and had a sacred character, a new name was quickly found: The Cow Chapel! Until the end of the 19th century, this type of construction became a status symbol in Rheinhessen, before cast-iron bars replaced the vault

Weingewölbe Grünewald | © Isabella Heider
Weingewölbe Grünewald 2 | © Isabella Heider
Weingewölbe Grünewald 3 | © Isabella Heider

Kuhkapelle im Weingut Bernhard Grünewald

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55411 Bingen-Büdesheim Burgstraße 87
Weingut Bernhard Grünewald
Burgstraße 87
55411 Bingen-Büdesheim

Phone: (0049)6721-41188
E-mail: info@weingut-gruenewald.de

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