Kulturhaus Oberwesel

10:00 - 17:00

Kulturhaus - Stadtmuseum Oberwesel

Rathausstraße 23, 55430 Oberwesel/Rhein

Experience the successful combination of a listed old winery with modern architecture. Let yourself be inspired by the exciting history of Oberwesel and the Unesco World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley in our museum and in the walls of the former Minorite monastery. As a venue for events and exhibitions, we offer a varied cultural program. We look forward to your visit!


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Kulturhaus - Stadtmuseum Oberwesel

From01.04.2023 until the 31.10.2023

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 10:00Clock to 17:00Clock
Wednesday: 10:00Clock to 17:00Clock
Thursday: 10:00Clock to 17:00Clock
Friday: 10:00Clock to 17:00Clock
Saturday: 14:00Clock to 17:00Clock
Sunday: 14:00Clock to 17:00Clock

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55430 Oberwesel/Rhein Rathausstraße 23
Kulturhaus Oberwesel
Rathausstraße 23
55430 Oberwesel/Rhein

Phone: (0049)6744 714726
E-mail: info@kulturhaus-oberwesel.de
Web: http://www.kulturhaus-oberwesel.de

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