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07:30 - 15:30

Lahnsteiner Brauerei - Lahnstein Brewery

Sandgasse 1, 56112 Lahnstein

The Lahnsteiner Brewery, in the heart of the old town of Lahnstein, is an experience with its excellent beers and with its events.

The Lahnsteiner brewery has been brewing in the tenth generation since 1667. The 50 or so products include classic beers as well as craft beers and beery delicacies. Particularly popular is the concept "we brew YOUR beer", with which even small quantities receive their own label or beers are created according to every conceivable recipe at the craft beer brewery. Beer seminars, beer tours and brewing courses make YOUR expedition to the beer kingdom of Lahnstein an experience for individuals and groups alike. With a bit of luck, owner Dr. Markus Fohr, German Master Beer Sommelier, will welcome you personally.

Lahnsteiner Brauerei - Lahnstein Brewery

From11.02.2021 until the 11.04.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 07:30Clock to 15:30Clock
Tuesday: 07:30Clock to 15:30Clock
Wednesday: 07:30Clock to 15:30Clock
Thursday: 07:30Clock to 15:30Clock
Friday: 07:30Clock to 15:30Clock

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56112 Lahnstein Sandgasse 1
Lahnsteiner Brauerei
Sandgasse 1
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: (0049)262191740

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