Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht | © Werner Klockner

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Kirchstr. 1, 55430 Oberwesel

Construction of the present Liebfrauenkirche began in 1308. It is considered one of the most important High Gothic churches in the Rhineland because of its architecture and furnishings.

Construction work on today’s Church of Our Lady began in 1308. Its unique architecture and furnishings make it one of the most important High Gothic churches in the Rhineland. Apart from the original filigree rood screen, its greatest treasure is the Golden Altar, one of Germany’s oldest High Gothic altar shrines. Of the sumptuous medieval wall paintings, 25 murals have been preserved

Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht | © Werner Klockner
Goldaltar | © Werner Klockner
Orgel Liebfrauenkirche | © Werner Klockner


From01.11.2023 until the 01.11.2024

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55430 Oberwesel Kirchstr. 1
Kirchstr. 1
55430 Oberwesel

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