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Limesturm Nr. I

L 87, 56598 Rheinbrohl

Reconstructed watchtower 1/1 of the Upper Germanic Limes. It represents the beginning of the famous Roman border wall facing Germania. Reconstructed from Roman quarry stones, it is complemented by the nearby interactive Limes information centre "RömerWelt". 

In 1974, this reconstruction of a watchtower was erected approximately at the original position (originally, watchtower 1/1 was located about 70 metres further south). It gives an impression of the appearance and functionality of the Roman Limes watchtowers at the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes at that time. The Limes secured the land border between the Rhine and the Danube over a distance of 550 km, separating the Roman provinces of Upper Germania and Raetia from free Germania. A total of 900 guard posts (towers), numerous forts and over 60 large forts were built along this route.

Wachturm 1/1 Rheinbrohl | © Dominik Ketz/shapefruit AG
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Limesturm Nr. I

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56598 Rheinbrohl L 87
Limes-Wachturm Wachposten 1/1
L 87
56598 Rheinbrohl

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