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Langstraße 41, 56321 Rhens

One of the most beautiful and oldest half-timbered houses in Rhens. The Lohgerberhaus is located in the immediate nearness of the Rhine cycle path and the Rhens railway station.

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Only the magnificent half-timbered house from 1629 in the Langgasse remains from the former Rhenser Lohgerberviertel. It was built by Abraham Schmitz, called Löhr; "Löher" is derived from Lohgerber. With its beautiful gable façade, the house is one of the most important examples of Rhenish-Franconian Renaissance timber architecture. Today, it is squeezed between the railway embankment and the historic Rhine Gate in Langgasse 41 in the district formerly known as "Lohloch" on the Mühlbach. The residential and farm buildings of the Rhenser tanners were concentrated there. In the course of the railway construction between 1858 and 1861, most of the buildings in the "Lohloch" were demolished. Today, trains pass close to the first floor of the half-timbered house every minute. The inscription on the plaque in the window bay begins with the petition: "O God turn my Ehlendt to a blissful end" - written 230 years before the railway was built.


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56321 Rhens Langstraße 41