Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

Loreleystr. 20, 55430 Urbar

Restaurant with panoramic view.

At "Maria Ruh" you an experience all this:

in-house coffee roasting, Etagere breakfast on Sunday, beer garden for a hiking break, cafe/restaurant with Rhine terrace, picnic park with a view of the loreley,

Maria ruh "Classix concerts on the open-air stage.

Loreleyblick Maria Ruh
Logo Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

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55430 Urbar Loreleystr. 20
Restaurant Maria Ruh
Loreleystr. 20
55430 Urbar

Phone: 004967419811599
E-mail: willkommen@maria-ruh.de
Web: http://www.maria-ruh.de

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