Meat me, Innenaufnahme

17:00 - 22:30

Meat me - Steakhouse

Kirchplatz 11, 56170 Bendorf

Steakhouse at Kirchplatz.

Steakhouse at Kirchplatz.

The restaurant serves Argentinian beef in premium quality and from species-appropriate keeping.
Furthermore there are different dishes with pork, chicken, fish, salads and vegetables.

Meat me, Innenaufnahme
Meat me, Steak
Meat me Bendorf
Meat me, Burger

Meat me - Steakhouse

From10.12.2020 until the 10.12.2032

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Tuesday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Wednesday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Wednesday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Thursday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Thursday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Friday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Friday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Saturday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Saturday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Sunday: 11:30Clock to 14:30Clock
Sunday: 17:00Clock to 22:30Clock

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56170 Bendorf Kirchplatz 11
Meat me - Steakhouse
Kirchplatz 11
56170 Bendorf

Phone: (0049)2622 9068288

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