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Münzplatz, 56068 Koblenz

Münzplatz, today an atmospheric venue for concerts, carnivals and large events, was only created after the demolition of the Electorate of Trier's mint in 1806.

The baroque mint master's house, built in 1761/63, was preserved and used as a beer hall, police station and market hall, among other things. The group of figures in front of the building still reminds us of this today. Other buildings include the Reich Arcades from 1910 with an Art Nouveau mural by William Straube. This allegory painted in 1912 on the gateway building Im Paradies (In Paradise) shows the passing of life and time as a perpetual memento mori. Founded in 1230, Metternicher Hof was built as a new residence for the von Metternich-Winneburg family in 1674 and is the birthplace of the Austrian chancellor Clemens Wenzeslaus Lothar von Metternich, the "coachman of Europe" and a major player in the Congress of Vienna. Like many other places in Koblenz, the buildings on Münzplatz were considerably destroyed during the war and only a few things were visibly preserved or reconstructed.


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56068 Koblenz Münzplatz
56068 Koblenz

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