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Municipality of Brey

Hinter der Kirche 2, 56321 Brey

The municipality of Brey is located near Koblenz on the Rhine in the upper Mittelhrein Valley and belongs to the Rhine-Moselle Association.

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In Brey is still today a significant monument from Roman times obtained - it is a Roman aqueduct. In the center are still many well-preserved half-timbered houses. Soil finds show that people lived in the later Breyer district already in the Stone Age. Even the Romans (Roman aqueduct) and the Franks (Frankish grave finds) have left their mark. These finds include an extensive burial ground, which was discovered in 1954 at a church extension around the church of St. Magaretha and two individual graves, which were exposed in a residential street. Brey is mentioned for the first time in a document of the year 821. At that time bequeathed Waltraud, the widow of Adrian, the monastery Fulda u.a. Possessions in Bruone (Brey) and Speyen (Spay) on the western bank of the Rhine. Brey (1322 is called a mayor) had its own Vogt. The bailiffs were originally the lords of Eppstein, who possibly sold the Bailiwick together with Braubach to the Counts of Katzenelnbogen in 1283. In 1443/44 the Breup court of the Counts of Katzenelnbogen was mentioned. 1563/1684 was the hobgedinge in the possession of the Landgrave of Hesse, who had begun the heritage of Katzenelnbogen. After the place called a Niederadelsgeschlecht. 1217/19 a Folcmarus miles de Brie is mentioned. The family is up in the 14th century. detectable in the place. Also numerous other gentlemen and cooperations were well-off. The tithe and escorts were sometimes controversial. Like the other communities on the left bank of the Rhine, Brey was occupied by French revolutionary troops in 1792 and became part of the French Republic. 1798 Brey was French Commune together with Siebenborn and Jakobsberg and belonged to the canton of Boppard (Arrondissement Koblenz). In 1800, Brey was part of the Mairie Rhens, After the withdrawal of the French Brey was assigned to the provisions of the Congress of Vienna in 1815 the kingdom of Prussia (since 1817 Prussian mayor Boppard). 1948 in the office Boppard, in the district of St. Goar, 1969 constituents of the Verbandsgemeinde Boppard (Kobelnz district), Brey was since 1970 together with Rhens, Spay and Waldesch part of the municipality Rhens and belongs through territorial reform and merger since 2014 to the Verbandsgemeinde Rhein-Mosel.

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Municipality of Brey

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56321 Brey Hinter der Kirche 2
Ortsgemeinde Brey
Hinter der Kirche 2
56321 Brey

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