Rhens gegenüber Marksburg | © Marco Rothbrust

Municipality Rhens

Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15, 56321 Rhens

For themselves Rhens on the Romantic Rhine in the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" is located on the left bank of the Rhine at 582 km opposite the river from Castle Marksburg.

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The small town extends from the banks of the largest European river up to the Hunsrück heights, each about 11 km from Koblenz and Boppard - easily accessible by bus, train or even by boat. During the Middle Ages, great history was written in Rhens. Let us take you on a journey back in time and visit the Königsstuhl, first mentioned in 1398, where Ruprecht of the Palatinate was elected as the first king in 1400. The city wall with its five gates (church gate, cattle gate, Koblenzer Tor, Joseftor and Rheintor) is still largely intact today. The most striking part of the city wall is the "Scharfe Turm" on the Rhine, once a scout and customs tower and in the Middle Ages a prison and witches' tower. A visit to Rhens should also take you to the "Dionysiuskirche" with late Romanesque and Gothic buildings, beautiful ceiling paintings. Visitors can expect a multitude of half-timbered houses, which impress with their colours and carvings with tendrils, borders and inscriptions - a special gem, the "Old Town Hall". In the old town of Rhens, surrounded by an almost completely preserved city wall, with half-timbered buildings and several sights, you can experience the past. You can get a flyer of the historical city tour of Rhens free of charge at the Tourist Information. Attractions and interesting facts: The traditional and sporting events such as the mountain bike race (Sunday after Corpus Christi), Rhine in Flames (second Sunday in August), City Festival (second Sunday in September) and Christmas Market have been supported or organised by associations for years. The diverse club life is a generator of coexistence and encounters of cultural and sporting activities. Shipping services on the Rhine are offered by the Cologne-Düsseldorf shipping line Tel. 0049 2628-1013 and the Vomfell company Tel. 0049 2628-2431.

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Rhens gegenüber Marksburg | © Marco Rothbrust
Fachwerk in Rhens | © TI Erlebnis Rheinbogen
Königsstuhl in Rhens | © Klaus Breitkreutz

Municipality Rhens

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56321 Rhens Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
Stadt Rhens
Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
56321 Rhens

Phone: +49 2628 1400
E-mail: stadt@rhens.de
Web: http://www.rhens.de

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