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Permakultur in Andernach- Eich

Im Breitholz, 56626 Andernach-Eich

Permaculture Andernach- Eich The "Living Worlds" site is a communal area of over 14 hectares near the district of Eich near Andernach.

Permaculture Andernach- Eich The "Lebenswelten" site is a communal area of over 14 hectares near the district of Eich near Andernach. Initiated by Perspektive gGmbH, the town of Andernach was won over in spring 2008 to the idea of changing and redesigning the site according to the principles of permaculture. The basic idea of permaculture is to manage with renewable energies and natural material cycles in the sense of an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable use of all resources. The aim is to create a connection between work and occupation with nature and the environment in our practice fields for our participants, as well as social and professional qualification and support. In the meantime, the "Lebenswelten" have developed into a frequently visited recreational area for citizens. Recreational opportunities and agricultural use complement each other. Elements such as bee pasture and butterfly meadow are nature conservation compensation areas. Vegetable gardens and open-air enclosures for rare breeds of farm animals serve to educate staff and visitors about environmental issues. Products from the vegetable garden are sold in the 24-hour sales hut.

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Permakultur in Andernach- Eich

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56626 Andernach-Eich Im Breitholz
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Im Breitholz
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