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Peterskapelle St. Peter und Paul Spay

Koblenzer Straße 27, 56322 Spay

The Peterskapelle dates from the High Middle Ages. It is known for its well-preserved frescoes from the early 14th century depicting scenes from the New Testament. The 20 representations cover all the walls. The Peterskapelle is therefore the only known early Gothic church on the Middle Rhine, which was completely painted according to a uniform system.

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The small Peterskapelle stands at the southern entrance of Spay. The chapel building, which looks rather unadorned from the outside, harbors figurative and ornamental wall paintings in the interior, which originate from a uniform gothic decoration phase from the first half of the 14th century. Therefore, they are a rare testimony to the medieval murals that have survived in the Rhineland. The age of the chapel could not be determined with certainty so far. In 1237, the abbot and convent of the Cistercian monastery Eberbach in the Rheingau confirm the donation of the chapel by Knight Drabodo of Overspeie and his wife Hedwig to their monastery. According to this document, the Peterskapelle had been built by the predecessors of the spouses on their own land - apparently until 1237 it was an aristocratic own church. The expansion of the Romanesque Peterskapelle in Gothic forms is expected to have taken place by 1300 at the latest. After damage in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), a reconstruction of the chapel was evidently necessary around the middle of the 17th century. The realization of a comprehensive redevelopment concept began in 1985 with the initiative "Förderkreis Peterskapelle eV" The cleaning and preservation of the wall paintings started in 1999 and was completed in 2005. The chapel was always used for worship The benefactor of the canon Rütger, who was responsible for ensuring two weekly fairs, was mentioned in 1703. There was a mass-fest on Fridays in 1794 and early mass on Fridays in 1794. Until 1810 the chapel was still used for the service. In 1919, the chapel became the property of the civil parish. On 19.12.1984 a local development association was founded. Its members work together with the State Conservation Office to preserve the chapel.

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Peterskapelle 12. Jahrhundert | © Tourist Information Erlebnis Rheinbogen
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Peterskapelle St. Peter und Paul Spay

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Koblenzer Straße 27
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