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Preußischer Meilenstein

an der B9, 56321 Brey

A Prussian milestone from 1820 is located on the B9 main road south of the entrance to the village. The obelisk made of basalt lava stone is marked with distances to Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz in Prussian miles.

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A Prussian milestone from 1820 is located on the Bundesstraße 9 south of Brey.

The construction and design of the milestones along the Rhenish country road from Koblenz to Bingen took place as part of a comprehensive road building programme in the Rhineland with surveying by the Prussian state. The milestones were based on designs from Berlin: a four-sided obelisk made of basalt lava, ending in a spire at the top, to which benches were added on both sides. The distances to Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz are engraved in Prussian miles on the elevation at the roadside.

In addition to the milestone in Brey, milestones have survived in Boppard, in St. Goar-Fellen as well as south of Oberwesel and south of Niederheimbach.

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Preußischer Meilenstein

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56321 Brey an der B9
Preußischer Meilenstein
an der B9
56321 Brey

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