Quarzittagebau Sooneck

Im Paradies 1, 55413 Trechtingshausen

Visible from afar, the vegetation-free area of the quarry of Hartsteinwerke Sooneck GmbH stretches across a Rhine slope between Trechtinghausen and Niederheimbach.

The quarry extracts several hundred thousand tons of quartzitic graywacke annually. To the northwest of the quarry, Sooneck Castle in Niederheimbach borders the open pit. Quartzite mining in Trechtingshausen is part of the mining history of the valley. The extraction site has been known since 1650. The quartzite is used for the production of hydraulic engineering stones and crushed stone and chippings products and for products of the ceramic industry. The quarry supplies the road and hydraulic engineering industry, among others also for bank stabilization and flood protection on the Rhine. The stone is blasted in the quarry, quarried, loaded and transported by ship and road. The company's own ship loading site on the Rhine is an important location factor in view of the gigantic extraction volumes.

Quarzittagebau Sooneck

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55413 Trechtingshausen Im Paradies 1
Hartsteinwerke Sooneck GmbH
Im Paradies 1
55413 Trechtingshausen

Phone: (0049) 06721 98 33 50

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