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Reichenstein Castle

Burgweg 24, 55413 Trechtingshausen

This large castle is a fine example of a reconstructed castle in the neo-Gothic style.

The most recent reconstruction of a mediaeval castle on the Rhine is situated in Trechtinghausen: Reichenstein Castle underwent a comprehensive, strongly transformative reconstruction. Its original builder is unknown, the predecessor building dates from the first half of the 13th century. Just as Sonneck Castle, Reichenstein Castle was a notorious nest of robber barons. Illegal forays and seizures of territories, feuds and other unlawfulness were not rare. So there were sieges and destruction as a reaction to this and, in 1290, even a ban on reconstruction of both Reichenstein Castle and Sonneck Castle by King Rudolf of Habsburg. Before this, he had had the robber knights put to death after the siege and destruction of both castles. Today, Reichenstein Castle offers not only completely furnished palace rooms, but also castle catering and a hotel.

In the museum of Reichenstein Castle, three exhibition focuses impress: the living culture of the wealthy industrialist family, the stoves and sheet piles of the Rheinböller ironworks, and the trophy collection of Mr. Kirsch-Puricelli. The rooms are furnished with a still largely preserved historic interior and paintings of the lady of the castle. They give an exceptionally good insight into the late romantic living culture at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. You can see the dining room with ancestral gallery, the library, the card room, the music salon and a bedroom. In the oldest part of the castle there are the "Furnace Hall" and the "Iron Chamber ". Here are presented excerpts from the product range of the Rheinböller ironworks, such as stoves, cast-iron stove and taka plates and money chests. The collection of stove and beacon plates is one of the largest in Germany. Taken plates were bricked into a recess in the fire wall between the kitchen and the parlor and conducted the heat of the open fire in the kitchen to the parlor. The lord of the castle Kirsch-Puricelli was a passionate hunter and collected 1,200 trophies from four continents. The exhibition of hunting trophies and taka plates is very well presented in the impressive staircase of the reconstructed castle.

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Reichenstein Castle

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