Reiterverein Bissingen e.V.

Hof Bissingen, 56338 Braubach

The Reiterverein Bissingen e.V. is located at the Hofgut Bissingen, above Braubach. The association was founded in 1974 and has set itself the goal to realize a harmonious cooperation of all riders, horses and their relatives.

In the course of the years the association extended its offer more and more. So it is now able to address children from the age of 4 years as well as seniors. The club welcomes recreational riders as well as competitive riders who represent the club at equestrian events far beyond the country's borders.

Riding can be learned in the school lessons. Advanced riders are also offered cross-country riding or jumping lessons. The children's riding lessons with the shettys bring immense fun for everyone and are perfect for the first contact, as the shettys are at eye level with the children. But also in the pony lessons games on and with the pony are offered, like pony football or the Indian games without saddle.

Promotion of ambitious riders who represent the club in tournaments.

The school horses and ponies are also allowed to go to the tournaments to ensure an early start for the riders.

Reiterverein Bissingen e.V.

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56338 Braubach Hof Bissingen
Reitverein Bissingen e.V.
Hof Bissingen
56338 Braubach

Phone: (0049)171 9688352

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