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Restaurant am Rolandsbogen

Rolandsbogen 0, 53424 Remagen-Rolandswerth

Look forward to a delightful stay at the Rolandsbogen!

Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of one of the most beautiful restaurants on the Rhine, which perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

Enjoy classics and creative culinary delights that appeal to all the senses. Our seasonal recommendations, menus with exquisite wine accompaniment and a carefully compiled wine list guarantee an all-round successful experience. The fantastic view over the Rhine Valley will make your visit an unforgettable moment.

Look forward to an enjoyable stay with us at the Rolandsbogen!

Restaurant am Rolandsbogen

From01.03.2024 until the 31.12.2024

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 12:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Thursday: 12:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Friday: 12:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Saturday: 12:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Sunday: 12:00Clock to 22:00Clock

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53424 Remagen-Rolandswerth Rolandsbogen 0
Restaurant am Rolandsbogen
Rolandsbogen 0
53424 Remagen-Rolandswerth

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